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What Light To Use For Clones?

Wednesday , 14, October 2020 Comments Off on What Light To Use For Clones?

Marijuana branches don't need a lot of light until they take root and turn to a vegetative state. Therefore, the best light for your clones is one that can be placed away from plants.

Providing too much light will slow down the rooting process and reduce viability. It's ideal to place your light as far away from the plants as possible because we want the plants to get the inspiration to reach more light.

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This is similar to our trick of slowly reducing moisture to get rid of clones faster (see below).

In order for the plant to get lighter, your clone knows that it needs to grow and get light – which requires a root system. If you add a lot of light to the clone, it doesn't have to start root growth.

If your clone is growing on the roots or has been transplanted, light can slowly approach the plant over a period of time. This should be done slowly to avoid shock or burning of the plant.

Also, in childhood, plants can handle so much light – you should try to reduce light at a rate comparable to the plant's ability to use it.

The best light for your marijuana stalks depends on your environment. If you take advantage of the increased heat, the T5 lamps will do your job.

CFL (compact fluorescent) lamps are also acceptable and can be found at most hardware stores and wholesalers. Read our next question on How to Choose the Best Onions to Promote Your Clone Growth and Root Faster.