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Things to Check Before Booking a Caterer in Noosa

Tuesday , 17, November 2020 Leave a comment

Fantastic food may make any occasion memorable, so to make sure you employ a food catering company that can provide all this and much more you need to do the following things:

If you're employing a brand new catering service you need to request to sample from their menu. Ask whether there's a fee to get a sample tasting?

You might also ask for a tour of the catering center, particularly the kitchen. This might be along with the sample tasting. You may also visit to check how they cater to their events in Noosa.

If you're thinking about having alcohol in your event it's usually recommended utilizing the same catering service supply the pub and support to keep things easy. 


Will the drinks be served in the pub, buffet-style, and also will the wait staff refill beverages on the tables?  If you're providing the alcohol what's the cost per person? If you're supplying the alcohol, would the caterer bill you for a corkage fee?

There are several different problems for you to think about when serving alcohol in your event. A seasoned catering service will lead you through all of the hurdles.

Ensure that you are introduced to the individual in charge before the event or on the day of the occasion. 


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