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The Topeak Trunk Bag And Rack Help You Carry Stuff On Your Bicycle

Saturday , 6, June 2020 Comments Off on The Topeak Trunk Bag And Rack Help You Carry Stuff On Your Bicycle

Have you ever wanted to bring a few drinks and a lunchbox with you on a bicycle ride to the park? If so you probably quickly learned it's not so easy to lug around cargo like this without some sort of dedicated bike rack and bag. Sure, you can just throw it in a backpack, but that will create a highly uncomfortable riding experience and also leave you with a lot of back sweat. This is why Topeak created their patented MTX trunk bag and rack system. The Topeak trunk bag and rack allows for cyclist to load up a reasonable amount of stuff and carry it out for an adventure.

Using this trunk bag and rack system there is no need to bring a backpack or to unsafely carry stuff hanging on the front handlebars. The video published by TailHappyTV explains that the Topeak trunk bag and explorer rack can be greatly beneficial for going on a short ride to the park for a picnic with your family. You can easily slide the Topeak trunk bag onto the rack with your drinks and lunchbox and conveniently carry your items on your bicycle. When you arrive at your destination all you need to do is slide the Topeak MTX trunk bag off of the rack and unload your items. The trunk bag effectively doubles as a shoulder bag or a grocery bag too after you slide it off of the quick track rack. Check out the Topeak trunk bag and rack to see if this solves your problem of carrying stuff with you on your bicycle.