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Know Some Best Ways To Fundraise

Monday , 27, July 2020 Leave a comment

We are living in a face paced and dynamic society that expects a lot of fun, glitz and glamour with every thing they do. This includes fundraising. Look for ways to shake up the old school and turn out a new hip and exciting fundraising campaign. You can also get more info about a new kind of crowdfunding via various online sources.

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Ask your local teens to help. Contact the head administrator of your local high schools and explain your idea. Get the administrator to add in some motivation for the students by applying credit to volunteering or offering a ditch day at a local fun spot for kids. 

Your kids will be thrilled to help if they know that next month they get to spend the day at the water park instead of at the desk.

Look for free venues. If you live ocean side the beach is a great place to start. If you are in the mountains look for a local park or reserve that can stand as your venue. There are a lot of ways to think creatively when it comes to venue. 

Dig out your old game of Clue and look for that for inspiration. Create a murder mystery party or some other type of sleuthing event. Your participants will have a great time playing while you are raising funds. Just be sure to take your time in planning. 

Take some time up front to draft a well written creative fund raising letter. Then solicit to large corporations and retailers in your area. Do not be afraid of no, it is only a word just keep on asking.

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