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How to Re-point Ridge Tile

Wednesday , 22, July 2020 Comments Off on How to Re-point Ridge Tile

Roof tiles and mortar joints should be checked each year at a minimum. Repointing mortar cracks can prevent leaking roofs and reroofing jobs that are costly.

Pay additional attention to ridge tiles as they're exposed to weathering from all sides and may exhibit cracks in the mortar joints. To know about the roof replacement company in Melbourne you can make an online search.

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The options are to repoint the joints or replaced the ridge tile if cracks are discovered from the mortar between ridge tiles. The tile appears urged and when the cracks are small, repointing the mortar will be an acceptable option.

If the cracks in the mortar are as wide as the mortar joint and the tile seems to possess a few motions, then it is a better idea to re-bid the tile rather than re-pointing. In the event you repoint a tile that is not any longer bedded, the repair won't last very long and the crack will reoccur.

The most important point to consider when repointing is safety. Be sure to tie off to a sturdy structure when working on the roof. Repointing ridge tiles is the identical process as repointing brick or blockwork. Make use of a steel spike to sag out mortar in joints. 

Dampen the joint, apply mortar, and then use a pointing trowel to smooth the joint between the tiles. Unfortunately, sometimes they should be replaced instead of re-pointed which demands a bit more work. Make sure to use all safety measures while working on the roof.

Use a hammer and chisel to remove the mortar from the bottom of the ridge tile. The integrity of the roofing protects your investment against damages caused by weather. Repointing and assessing the roof before cracks allow water to penetrate into your house are techniques to save money.