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Posted by: | Posted on: February 18, 2020

Reasons To Start Journaling

It was common to keep a diary or personal journal. Today some people do and fewer recognize the amazing power of keeping a daily journal. If you can read and write, you have access to the most amazing sources of personal strength and absolute magic!

When some people first suggest journaling to others, they claimed they could not find the time. You can also use rocketbook smart reusable notebook for writing your journal.

Here are some reasons to keep a journal:

1. A journal will clarify your goals.

When you write a few thoughts every day, your ideas about what is important, what's worth your time and energy will be much more defined. You will automatically discover what you really want in life. Then, your inner compass could point the way to your best path.

2. A journal helps eliminate impulsively.

Some ideas sounded really great in our imagination, but when written on paper they take on a new meaning. 

3. A journal affirms the events of your life.

Writing about your life saturates it with meaning and power. Journaling about your child's first steps or first tooth, the passing of a loved one or friend, the appearance of a particular opportunity or choice adds substance to these things and provides a historical context to your life experience.

Journaling has been referred to as a form of meditation. It has been known to spark romance, solve world problems and change the thinking of nations. It has the power to quiet the mind and focus your thoughts