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Posted by: | Posted on: March 23, 2019

Some Actionable Video Marketing Tips

Online video marketing is extremely popular and that popularity is only increasing. While marketing through video has existed for some time, marketers are just beginning to understand that people would much rather watch a video than read text. It may seem as easy as uploading video to streaming sites, but, as Alex Duncan from a leading Aberdeen marketing agency explains the reality is that online video marketing is a bit more complex than that.  To really stand out from other videos in its niche, a video must be more than visually interesting; it must be optimized.

The Title

When using a search engine, the list of results always includes the title first and so the title should be the first part of the video to be optimized. Titles need to be interesting and catchy because they encourage the searcher to click on the video. Searchers are more inclined to click on a video with a catchy title like “Monster Rat Attacks House” than “Video of my mouse in its cage.”

ContentMarketing material is useless without content or substance, no matter what medium is utilized. So, informational and useful content should be optimized as well. To truly provide good content, you need to analyze the potential viewers and/or customers’ needs. Will those potential customers be willing to watch a video that doesn’t give them any valuable information? How-to instructional videos are always a useful marketing approach as they give practical information while demonstrating that you have the right skills and knowledge, which builds your expert status.


During the video creation process, using features like text boxes and embedding URLs is another terrific way of increasing website exposure. Including important information such as the URL, phone numbers, Twitter or other social media accounts at the end of the video is another way to optimize the video and increase website visits. Some sites allow users to embed their logo in the video. This is great for increasing your website or company’s exposure. In addition, putting a detailed description and adding the full URL link (starting with http to make it clickable) at the very beginning of the description is also an excellent way to drive traffic to your website.


Careful preparation can make video marketing a very successful tool and it all comes down to the optimization. Include an interesting title, good descriptions, and relevant and interesting content can call increase the video’s success.