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Planning For An Anniversary Party

Posted by: | Posted on: June 20, 2019

 Ah, there comes hat time in a year where you celebrate something that has been going on for over a year now. It is when a relationship has even reached that point that would technically mean that they mean so much to each other that they actually managed to stay together for a year. That is definitely more than what these other couples could even do. So hence, we have to get an anniversary party planner in Houston.

Listen, we know this thing mostly means so much to women. And while we can argue that that would make men the insensitive uncaring irregular that they undoubtedly are, why do women have to always make a big deal out of dates?

Why does a day in a single year have to mean so much to them more than the actual time they spent together? Why do they have so much expectation for a day that has not even happened yet? And to men, why does it take more than an hour for you to actually remember that that particular date in your history has to mean something?

Has the day that she finally said to you always been nothing to you? Does that mean you actually did not value the fact that she even said yes to be in a relationship with you? Both genders are wrong here.

To us, it really does not matter what the dates and the days are and what they mean, but that also does not mean that they should not hold any meaning at all. Just a little bit, it should at least be acknowledged by the men that it has been a year since she actually said that she wanted to tolerate your unfortunate ass.

And to women, PLEASE do not make a big deal out of every little thing and then nag about it to your man. He does not care and you are only wasting your breath while providing noise pollution to everyone. No one likes a woman who talks and talks and screams and nags.

The other side is way too sensitive while the other side is just insensitive in general. There has to be a middle ground to this, right? A part in life where it is okay to not really be big on anniversaries but at the same time acknowledging that it literally has been a year since you two had gotten into this relationship.

Maybe it would not be such a mess now. Heaven knows what kind of hell it would be if you two had actually gotten married. Then you would inevitably be on our next topic and article that is specifically for divorces and then getting child custody lawyers because it always ends that way.

Seriously, while it is a sweet thing to take a relationship seriously, how about reducing all the drama in the process too? If you two really love each other, then you know you should not make a mess out of every single thing. Accept that the other half of you rarely cares and the other half cars way too much.

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